Blog Cocktails: Dos and Don’ts

Cocktails: Dos and Don’ts

Imagine sitting at a bar and watching the bartender do his magic on your order. The ingredients enter the shaker as classic elements and leave the shaker as beautiful cocktails.  

By the end of this little blog, we’re sure you’ll feel inspired to whip up a few interesting drinks of your own. 

Do invest in a set of bar tools 

Great cocktails call for more than a little shaking. Get yourself a good set of bar tools so you can add some professional swag to your mixology skills. Once you get familiar with the bar accessories, there’s no stopping you at the next house party! 


Don’t serve larger quantities 

While drinks like Bloody Marys and LIITs tend to be okay, most cocktail recipes use fresh ingredients that might lose aroma and fizz over time. Some cocktails taste better hot or cold and pouring too much of them in one serving might end up spoiling the experience. 

Do use ice when shaking  

Pouring some ice into the shaker solves two important mixology problems. Cocktail glasses sometimes have just enough room for the drink. Shaking your cocktail with ice will chill it and help the ingredients mingle with each other. 

Don’t underestimate the ice 

The two trays worth of ice in your freezer would barely suffice for three good cocktails. If you are planning to make your own drinks at your next party, freeze enough ice for a tiny iceberg. You can shake your drinks with it, chill your glasses with it and present your cocktail babies with it. 

Do learn the classics 

Think of your favourite drinks. Margaritas, Cosmos, Caprioskas are all made with simple ingredients. There’s a very slim chance that you would go wrong with these crowd favourites too. As a mixology beginner, you’ll be more confident once you get your classic cocktails down.  

Don’t pour sparkling ingredients until the very end 

Pouring fizzy ingredients, in the end, serves two purposes. It prevents you from getting caught in a funny ~explosive~ incident from shaking your cocktails with it. It also keeps the drink from losing the fizz over time.  

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