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Easy Way to Garnish a Homemade Cocktail

Have you ever put together a gorgeous cocktail to enjoy as you play your way through Joker123 with no idea how to garnish your creation? Garnish adds aroma, subtle flavours, and visual appeal to any cocktail, and it is the simplicity of the idea that’s so effective.

Here are five simple garnish ideas to add a touch of elegance to your homemade cocktail:

#1 Candied Fruit

Enriching your cocktail’s visual appeal and flavour aspects is easy; candy fresh fruit in sugar and spices and sprinkle away. You can soak sweet or tart cranberries in an orange blossom syrup before coating them in granulated sugar.

If you want to go big, why not add the candied cranberries onto a metal skewer and wrap it in the orange peel? Ensure that the skewer pokes through each end of the peel for a half-moon shape, then float the finished skewer over the cocktail.

#2 Fresh Herbs

Mint, thyme, rosemary, and other fresh herbs are flavour treasure troves. Aside from the visual appeal, crushing a few fresh herbs into a cocktail can change the entire concept. Besides adding an exciting aroma, the fresh-herb garnish will also release a dash of healthy balance to the sugary cocktail.

#3 Sugar and Spice Rim

If you’re looking for a quick way to add finesse to a cocktail, all you need to do is dress up the rim with sugar, salt, and spices.

  • If you’re having a sweet cocktail, a sugared rim is ideal; you only need citrus juice and granulated sugar. Add the juice to one plate and the sugar to another. Start by dipping the rim in the juice and then into the sugar granules, then shake off excess grains and enjoy the garnish.
  • If your cocktail is punchier, a salted rim makes it more interesting. Mixing salt with some grated lime zest is phenomenal. Adding different spices, like cayenne and cinnamon, to the mix is also a great way to enrich the drink’s flavour.
#4 Mint Sprig and Napkin Cape

A mint napkin cape garnish is a creative way to keep your hands dry while enjoying a cocktail on a sweaty summer’s day.

  • Fold a fabric napkin horizontally before making a second half-inch fold at the top.
  • Keep rolling the napkin down halfway until you get enough material to tie the ends.
  • Lastly, place your napkin around the middle of your cocktail glass and tie it off.

Once your napkin cape is in place, throw in the mint sprig or some freshly ground nutmeg for a refreshing poolside afternoon.

#5 Chocolate Shavings

Did you know that you can add a touch of style and interest to any dessert cocktail with some decadent chocolate shavings? All you need to do is scrape a peeler blade lengthwise across a room temperature chocolate bar so that the pieces curl up into sweet, ready-to-sprinkle garnish. A long zester can also do a great job of dusting a cocktail with finer chocolate shavings.

Garnishes are a quick and easy way to enrich any cocktail’s aroma, flavour, and appeal, and these five garnish ideas will go a long way into improving your cocktail drinking experience.

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