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Five of the Most Colourful Cocktails

If you are looking for the most Insta-worthy cocktails then you have come to the right place. This is a list of some of the most beautiful cocktails you can find. They are sure to brighten up your Insta-feed with their vivid colours and they taste pretty good too!

Mermaid Mule

Give your Moscow mule a new lease of life with a little dash of blue curacao. This bright liqueur adds a citrus twist to the traditional classic cocktail so that it tastes divine. It also gives it a vivid blue finish that will look amazing in photos! Add a slice of lime and an umbrella and you are good to go.


If you have ever looked at the Colombian flag and thought that it looked delicious, then you might enjoy this flamboyant beverage. The ingredients are carefully layered to create the stripes of the flag so that you can drink to the South American country. This cocktail is made up of vodka, orange juice and lemon juice which are combined and then layered with grenadine and blue curacao.

Bahama Mama

If you often find yourself dreaming of days in the blazing sunshine, then you are sure to love Bahama Mama. This glass of pure sunshine is made up of Malibu, pineapple juice, lemon juice, dark rum, light rum, grenadine and coffee liqueur to make for a taste sensation in your mouth. The ingredients list might be extensive, but the effect is incredible. Sit next to it for long enough and you might even catch a tan!

Fuzzy Melon

There are few cocktails that can pull off this shade of green, but the Fuzzy Melon does it well. This recipe is based on that of the Fuzzy Navel, adding vodka, pineapple juice and watermelon liqueur to the traditional peach schnapps and orange juice to make for a tropical feast. The combination of juices makes for a vivid shade that is sure to turn a few heads!

Tequila Sunrise

You can’t have a list of colourful cocktails and not mention the classic Tequila Sunrise. This long-time favourite is simple to prepare and tastes amazing. It also looks pretty good in pictures! Combine tequila and orange juice before adding the grenadine, which gives the drink a fantastic aesthetic, sinking to the bottom of the glass to emulate a tropical sunrise. This drink is always a crowd-pleaser.

Make sure you have your camera ready when enjoying these drinks and select a good backdrop for your photo opportunities!

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